Electronic Distribution of Nonprofit Flyers

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  • All promotional materials will be sent home via the FCPS News You Choose Messaging System. 
  • In accordance with Fairfax County Public Schools Regulation 1367.4, Bush Hill Elementary School offers nonprofit organizations the opportunity to distribute their organizational information to our school families.
  • All nonprofit materials will be sent electronically via News You Choose Messaging System twice per year – once in the fall, and once in the spring. 
    • Sending the information home electronically will not only serve as a cost-cutting measure for our nonprofit agencies but will also support Fairfax County’s mission to ‘Go Green’.

Directions for submission:

  • All fliers distributed through FCPS must be from non-profit organizations, and contain the following disclaimer:
    • “These materials are neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Fairfax County School Board, the Superintendent, or this school.”
  • The flyer must be submitted via email to BHES Office Assistant: [email protected]  All nonprofits are treated the same, regardless of the views they express.  Flyers and other community materials must be related to the school’s educational mission, be directed to students, not be harmful to children, be age-appropriate, and not be in violation of the current versions of Regulations 2601 or 2612.
  • Representatives from non-profit organizations will need to include their proof of their 501(c)(3) status.
  • Please limit flyers to one page